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Are Cheap Office Chairs Really Worth It?

December 13 , 2022

Office chair is a kind of furniture product that is used for a long time, and the products of many manufacturers are limited due to various reasons. Their products often look similar when they are bought, but after a year or so of use, there will be functional failures (such as air pressure) Lifting failure), mesh back support for chair, chair body tilting from side to side, loose screws, etc. What's more, some low-rui products have the above phenomenon after about three months of use. Situations like these have made the company's purchasing department and personnel very troubled. It is not economical to replace them in a short time, and it is difficult to obtain management approval for a new batch of purchases; but not replacing them will affect the company's image, reduce employee work efficiency and As for affecting employees' work mood, indirect losses are difficult to estimate.

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So a company, of course, understands the truth. The brand's office chairs must employ senior designers and engineers in the industry to participate in the selection of materials, processing technology, structure and appearance design, and pay special attention to the above issues. No matter in terms of quality, firmness, durability, etc., it can become the leader in the industry. Branded office chairs fully consider and refer to European and American requirements for protecting the human spine, fully consider ergonomics, so that all office chairs can adapt to different people's weight, body shape and sitting posture.

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Therefore, a brand is good, guaranteed, and after-sales service. Our Anjian office chairs are developed by a professional design and research team. Our brand has enough funds to operate in research and development, so In terms of products, we are more favorable, and we always firmly believe that word of mouth is king.

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