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Are Ergonomic Chairs an IQ Tax?

January 14 , 2023
       A good ergonomic chair is not an IQ tax (you get what you pay for), but it can really reduce the pressure on the waist and spine through physical means, and relieve the pain points of long-term sedentary office workers. Here are a few places where ergonomic chairs play a role. see the following picture

home office high back ergonomic mesh executive chair
As a mammal that walks upright, the human spine has evolved as shown in Figure 1 above. In order to facilitate upright walking, the spine has formed four curvatures: cervical curvature, thoracic curvature, lumbar curvature, and sacral curvature. The four curvature ranges are cervical lordosis 20°-40°, thoracic kyphosis 20°-40°, lumbar lordosis 30°-50°, and sacral kyphosis. The formation of the curvature allows the human spine to absorb energy from external impacts, pressure, etc. like a spring. So, you need to be clear: the spine, 360 joints, 700 skeletal muscles and countless nerve cells in the human body structure are all designed for movement. But it is clear that the evolution of the human spine is still far behind the development of the times, so when games, novels, work, study, etc. force humans to stop exercising and be forced to sit for a long time, problems arise.
mesh desk chair with lumbar support
This kind of sitting posture with the back, waist bent, and shoulders drooping for a long time, the long-term force imbalance caused by the long-term sitting on the spine will cause the wear of the lumbar disc, and at the same time, it will also cause ligaments and joints to be injured due to overuse.
The reason why I say that ergonomic chairs are not an IQ tax is mainly because the principle of ergonomic chairs with conscience is to use the physical accessories of ergonomic chairs to correct the shape of the spine when sitting for a long time, so as to relieve the pressure on the human spine.
mesh desk chair with headrest
deluxe mesh ergonomic office chair
So ergonomic chairs are not IQ tax, but a lot of people buy them, they are rubbish, like this ergonomic office chair with adjustable headrest and lumbar support, it is a basic function, the higher the price, the more complete the quality and functions , if you want to buy a professional ergonomic chair full mesh, please initiate an inquiry and contact us!

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