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Common sense of office furniture(一)

November 28 , 2022
How to choose office furniture

Office furniture: Refers to furniture that works in different environments in the office or home.
Today, we will first explain according to the material classification of office furniture.
1. Panel office furniture:

Panel office furniture is assembled from different parts, which means it can be disassembled and installed freely, which is very convenient for transportation and handling. If there is a problem of missing parts after a long time of use, you can also rebuild Purchase hardware accessories for installation. Panel office furniture has good compression resistance, will not easily deform or crack, is easy to clean and has good decoration. The decoration is strong because its main material is wood-based panels, which can be changed and customized according to personal preferences. It is very suitable for some young professionals who pursue individuality, are more in line with some start-up companies, or mostly work in mobile offices. It is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

all mesh office chair
2. Upholstered office furniture
It mainly refers to furniture with sponges and fabrics as the main body, such as sofas. Because it is comfortable, durable, easy to meet people's aesthetic needs, and most intuitive and durable, it is one of the necessary furniture in the enterprise's purchase list.
mesh chair with headrest
3. Metal office furniture
It mainly refers to steel or metal office furniture, among which steel office furniture is very popular for its superior fire resistance, stability and environmental protection. Steel office furniture is usually made of cold-rolled steel plates. After electrostatic powder spraying and other production processes, it is not prone to peeling off of the outer paint or surface depressions like iron office chair furniture. It is widely used in steel file cabinets, lockers, Desk feet, lockers, etc.
4. Solid wood office furniture
Furniture made of solid wood. According to wood materials, high-end solid wood office furniture commonly used wood includes walnut, chicken wing wood, sandalwood, ash wood, sleeve wood, etc. There are many other common woods. to make.
Other materials include glass, rattan, marble, ceramics, resin and other materials can also make exquisite furniture.
As the needs of consumer groups become more and more personalized and multi-dimensional, office furniture with a single material or style obviously cannot meet the future office space. But we, AJFlying, are best at breaking the boundaries of space, creating more functional beauty, artistic beauty, and cultural beauty in modern design, integrating practicality and appreciation, and having dual attributes of material and spiritual works of art

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