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Ergonomic Chair Recommendation

September 09 , 2022
Whether office work or home office, a day sitting in front of the computer for more than 12 hours in most people. The hazards of sedentary not only easy to let the waist and legs long fat, long-term sedentary or improper sitting, or seat is not comfortable, but also cause injury to the waist, shoulder, back and other parts. For men, prolonged sedentary will also lead to prostate problems. This is what we often call the modern urban disease, subhealth.
A good work office chair is only comfortable and not tired is not enough, but also to protect the spine, lumbar spine, to prevent the emergence of frozen shoulder, herniated discs and other "work injuries. At present, the world's most comfortable, the most scientific, the best sitting is the ergonomic chair.
Next to you recommend an ergonomic chair, this chair can effectively protect your spine and lumbar spine, but also allows you to have a good nap.
This chair supports a maximum back adjustment range of 170 degrees, which allows you to lie down well in the chair to rest. The chair adopts new nylon back frame, more than 50,000 times pull back test; new nylon fixed headrest with sponge, soft and comfortable; new PP elastic armrest; 340MM nylon feet (aluminum feet) with 55MM reinforced nylon wheels.

If you are still struggling to know which chair to choose, then you may want to try this ergonomic chair!

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