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Ergonomic office chair with TCM acupoints to regulate the body

November 18 , 2022
        As a product manager, it is necessary to tell you who have already opened this article, this is a recommended article for office workers after experiencing the real thing (ergonomic chair), and with the discerning eye of an eraser, finally give the experienced ergonomic chair Scored 9.1 out of 10, so this article is worth reading, and there are real people on the scene!

Dear handsome men and women in the workplace, how are your lumbar spine, cervical spine, and spine? This is a question I have always wanted to investigate. How many colleagues are constantly ignoring the prompts of various bracelets, and sitting on the hard office chair for a long time in order to fix the BUG?

Any practitioner in the Internet industry has to face the computer for at least 8 hours a day, and you will find that with the improvement of technology and the slow increase of wages, the time spent sitting in a chair is getting longer and longer. Finally, one day, You will find that it is time to change to a good ergonomic chair (of course, you can also change to a job that you will not sit for a long time, but it is more difficult~)
With my unique shopping concept, since I have decided to buy something, I should buy the one with the highest cost performance. Price, and finally place an order directly.

         A good ergonomic chair must at least meet the following conditions before it can enter my waiting list:

       1. There must be a headrest, and it can be adjusted to protect the cervical spine;
       2. The back of the chair should be adjustable up and down to protect the spine;
       3. The waist support should be adjustable or self-adaptive to protect the old waist;
       4. The armrest should be adjustable, saving effort when typing codes;
       5. The cushion should be breathable and the forward angle of the cushion can be adjusted. After all, when writing code, the body will always lean forward unconsciously. Although I am not fat, I don’t want to be heated;
       6. The last thing to explain is the air stick, which must be compliant and of good quality. Here, the eraser has done some homework, and you must choose an air stick with international safety certification, such as SGS,                                                                                       TUV certification, BIFMA or a level 3 or above air stick.
Office Chair Ergonomic Modern
Design Concept

Ergonomic Chair For Office
With the development of the modern office environment, people's pursuit of office seating is getting higher and higher, and higher requirements are put forward in terms of appearance, function, and material.
From the perspective of ergonomic design, the designer of Lianyou, combined with the scientific method of acupoint therapy in traditional Chinese medicine, uses science and technology to create a healthy, comfortable and humanized chair, which can completely solve the soreness and discomfort after sitting for a long time, so H06 Lang Gram came into being!

Selling Point Display

Ergonomic Green Office Chair

1. Multi-dimensional elastic headrest, fit more comfortably
It can be flipped up and down at a large angle, the front and rear push-pull stroke is 4 cm, and the up and down adjustment is 5 cm.
It is suitable for more people of different heights.

Ergonomic mesh Office Chair

2. Six pieces of lumbar support, twenty-four bumps, full support
The lumbar support can be adjusted up and down, and the unique soft rubber support design is based on acupoint and meridian therapy. The unique raised texture of the lumbar support subtly massages the lumbar muscles, cares for the curvature of the spine, and relieves the fatigue of sitting for a long time.

Ergonomic Comfortable Office Chair3. One-button control, three-speed locking, self-supporting weight-by-wire chassis
The seat plate slides back and forth, the third gear is tilted back and locked freely, up and down, one-button control. The maximum angle is 125° and the synchronous gliding mechanism is used, and the back of the chair is driven by reclining, which is safe and comfortable without raising the legs, and the waist and back are tightly fitted.

Home Ergonomic Office Chair

4. Human 3D armrests, away from sore arms
The 3D armrest can be raised and lowered by 7cm, easy to read and hold a meeting mode; slide 4cm back and forth to easily open the rest mode; rotate 5cm left and right, focus on the desk mode; the armrest surface is added with ultra-soft polyurethane (not cold in winter, not stuffy in summer) wrapped in skin-friendly materials, Protect the elbow activities, provide comfortable support, and adjust the armrests freely, so that work and entertainment will not be delayed

Real Person Test Sitting

If you sit most of the time and already have some cervical and lumbar problems, in addition to seeing a doctor, products with good ergonomic design can also better help repair them. At this time, a good Ergonomic Office Chair is not a luxury, but a necessity, and for most people, an ergonomic chair can help us prevent these problems earlier.
When choosing an ergonomic chair, the brand, quality assurance, parameters, and price are all very important, but the most important thing is to sit comfortably, and Baoyou’s chair experience is really good. If you have the same budget as me, buy it within 1,000 yuan As for the most comfortable ergonomic chair, you can really try the AJFlying brand, it is indeed a good chair.

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