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History of office chair development

December 23 , 2022

The predecessor of the swivel chair (Improvement of Windsor chair):  the third president of American- Thomas Jefferson who had a sudden idea of a Windsor chair at home in 1775, and the predecessor of the swivel chair was born;

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Movable chair (with wheels): World-renowned workaholic and father of evolution, Zars Robert Darwin, came up with the idea of adding wheels to the legs of a chair, a mobile chair called a "wooden armrest on wheels" chair"

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Centripetal spring chair: The industrial revolution pushed economy goes fast to a new level. Thomas Warren, an American manufacturer of train seats, who is an innovative person that put springs to cushion to solve the bumps problem. In this period, the chairs had key functions of modern chair: swivel, movable, soft seat

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Do/More Chairs: William Ferris tailor made for office workers who are "pure and fresh, cheerful, lively, and efficient" in response to the user’s pain points such as low efficiency and industrial diseases.

It’s the first of office chair in the world.

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Ergonomic office chair was designed in 1973. The reclining headrest, lifting seat surface and pulleys, simple and solid shape, and bright colors make the whole the chair are comfortable and stand out.

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