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How to choose an office chair

September 07 , 2022

Research shows office workers spend 10 hours a day sitting.  More than 70% of office workers have cervical spondylosis and lumbar muscle strain.

No matter you’re working at home or working at office. It’s will be important to choose an office to help ourselves in a comfortable sitting position when work.

Ergonomic office chair will a good choice for u, although it may expensive than another chairs. But it’s worth to investment in our health and productivity.

With the design of the human spine curve, ergonomic office chair can support our lumbar and cervical vertebra to keep us a correct sitting position. Not only it can relieve our lower back pain, but also it can adjust our sitting to prevent us from developing cervical spine and back diseases.

You may find a lot of chair be called as ergonomic chair, but how to recognize them?

Everyone's height and body shape are different, but it is impossible for chair manufacturers to make tailor-made for everyone in the production process

Adjustable Height:

It’s a regular function, but it’s the most important function of an ergonomic chair. Everyone’s height is different. A chair with gas lift will let you to adjust chair heat to make your knees at 90-degree angle, which will protect your knees and lumbar.

Adjustable lumbar support:

The key of chair back is adjustable, which can meet different spine curvature. A good lumbar support help user to promote good posture, and support natural inward curve of the lower back.

Damping sense:

Most ergonomic chairs can be reclined, but different damping senses will give users a different experience. Just the right damping feeling can give customers a comfortable sitting experience.


It is best for us to choose adjustable armrests, which can not only maintain a comfortable sitting position with our different hand positions, but also prevent us from shrugging shoulders caused by different heights of the armrests.

office chair with adjustable arms

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