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Introduction to the key components of ergonomic chairs

January 27 , 2023

Many ordinary chairs on the market are said to be ergonomic chairs, because this word is a big word in traffic, so many businesses have been deceived, so when you choose ergonomic mesh executive chair, take a good look at it. Let me give you a brief introduction below. one time.

Backrest: The backrest of an ergonomic chair is the most important part in my opinion. Its main function is to regulate our sitting posture and maintain the normal curve of the human spine.

high back mesh chair with headrest

Lumbar pillow: The lumbar lordosis of the human spine is between 30°-50°.

ergonomic mesh chair with headrest

But when most people sit and work, their waists are bent back against the chair. Over time, it will cause changes in the curvature of the lumbar spine and even form an anti-bow, resulting in problems such as lumbar muscle strain due to unbalanced force.

The backrest of some ergonomic chairs will be equipped with a lumbar pillow (the one with a lumbar pillow is recommended first, and it will be very comfortable to sit for a long time). bending.

intey ergonomic office chair

Headrest: A headrest can be used to support the head and reduce pressure on the cervical spine below the head. Especially for people who often sleep on the table in the office at noon, they can "sit back and relax" after having a headrest. Here to remind everyone, try not to lie on the table when you are resting at noon, learn to lean on your back and put your head on the headrest, which can not only reduce the pain in the neck and waist, but also avoid oppressing the lungs when sleeping on the table. Reduced oxygen levels lead to poor sleep quality.

best all mesh office chair

Cushion: The cushion is mainly used to support part of the thighs and buttocks. A good cushion will take into account in terms of material and design if it makes people who sit for a long time sit more comfortably and reduces the pressure on the thighs and buttocks. There are better considerations.

Armrest: The main function of the armrest is to support the elbow joint during office work and relieve the soreness caused by hanging for a long time. In fact, ordinary ergonomic chairs and even half of office chairs will have this design.

Installation: I have tried many mesh chair with lumbar support, and summed up an iron rule: a bad chair needs to be screwed with more than a dozen screws, a good chair only needs to be screwed with a few screws, and the best chair does not need to be screwed. On-site installation.

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