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Long Time Sedentary Office, How To Choose An Office Chair?

October 29 , 2022

For most office workers, sitting in front of the computer for a long time every day to knock on the keyboard is a daily routine, and in the long run, a variety of spinal diseases naturally come to the door, and now most companies for cost considerations, to the staff configuration of office chairs are relatively ordinary. However, if you are working at home, you really want to be a little better for yourself, choose a comfortable office chair.

For people who work for a long time in front of the computer, a good office chair is a healthy assistant, comfortable chair can provide us with a good learning and working environment, then we buy office chairs when to pay attention to what points?

A: comfort

To know the daily office sedentary, the pressure on the spine waist and cervical vertebrae is very large, a long time easy back pain, so the comfort of the chair can largely ease the pressure on our spine. In addition to sitting comfort, the adjustment function of the chair is also more important.

Second: the office chair material

Different office chair materials are also very different, if your side of the year most of the time more cold, choose some cotton, PU leather or shaped sponge cushion office chair may be more suitable; for some hotter areas, cool and breathable mesh chair should be the primary choice of target. In addition to this, pay special attention to the softness of the cushion, too soft or too hard material are not very suitable.

Buy office chairs to pay attention to matters

1, observe the cushion. General office chairs are sponge cushion. And good cushions cost more, so some businesses to reduce costs are doing articles on the cushion, such as reducing the thickness of the sponge, or the strength of the material is not enough. Cushion to pick the original sponge. Original sponge cushion has three benefits: non-synthetic sponge, harmless to the human body; good elasticity; good breathability.

2. The safety of the air rod. If the safety of the air rod is not guaranteed, then we are like sitting on a "time bomb", at any time may be life-threatening. So, when choosing an air rod, pay attention to whether it has certification.

3, style with

The style of office chairs is also very variable, but basically to be combined with the overall style of the room, otherwise with together will be very abrupt. For example, the Nordic minimalist style room, you must match the minimalist style of office chairs, never the Nordic style room with a dirt black office office chair!

The following ergonomic office chair is ideal for long office hours.comfortable ergonomic office chair

home comfortable office chair

It features:

1. Headrest: PA material is used to adjust the lifting function by 5cm;

2. Backrest: made of PA material, the backrest can swing 5° synchronously from left to right, and the recline Angle is 100° to 120°

3. Waist pillow: PA material, bionic three-dimensional waist pillow design;

4. Back fabric: super mesh fabric, strong air permeability, long service life;

5. Seat cushion: USE PP housing +2E plywood, with stable support;

6. Chassis: three gears lock (PA chassis) + left and right swing PA tailstock;

7. Handrails: use lifting PA handrails;

8. Pressure rod: 2.0mm thick pressure rod, passed SGS standard test, advanced three level pressure rod, 100-80mm lifting stroke;

9. Chair wheel: PA mute wheel, smooth, easy to mute;

10. Chair foot: R340PA five-star foot, pass 1300KG static pressure test.

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