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Pay attention to these points, it is definitely right to choose the right office chair

February 22 , 2023

      In modern life, most of the day is spent on chairs. A good mesh ergonomic chair with headrest can keep people away from backaches and work more comfortably and efficiently. Today we will talk about human body When purchasing an engineering chair, you need to focus on several factors: back support, lumbar support, and chair back.

      The back of the chair is the most important thing in choosing an office chair. It is the key position to support the waist of the human body. AJ flying combines creativity and ergonomics to make waist support more convenient and support more comfortable. The backrest is made of high-performance polymer The plastic structure can provide strong support for the user's back, which is in line with the curve design of the human body and the supporting backrest, which ensures that the force of the chair can be evenly distributed, allowing the user to feel better when sitting.

         Elbow support "T"-shaped armrest, neat "T"-shaped armrest shape, with the lifting function, whether you are working or resting, your arms can rest comfortably on it, with a larger adjustment range and more adjustments Dimensions to meet more usage needs

The wheels look inconspicuous, but they play a very important role in the work that often needs to communicate with each other. The silent universal wheel can slide easily, which can bring people closer to each other. At the same time, the mute effect will not hinder other people. people work.

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