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Relaxing and exercise that can be done in same office chair

December 14 , 2022

How can office workers who work long hours lose weight? I am so busy every day that I am deprived of even the time to rest, let alone going to the gym to lose weight. But you don't have to go to the gym to lose weight, it can be done in the office.

mesh seat office chair

Slimming exercises on a black mesh office chair with arms: If you feel tired after sitting on an office chair for too long, you might as well try to do some small exercises, which can not only rest the brain, but also play a role in weight loss, killing two birds with one stone. Sit on a chair, lift your legs up slowly, put your hands gently on the lower abdomen, slowly exhale and tighten the lower abdomen at the same time, when the lower abdomen is tightened, the breath is also exhaled at the same time, and then slowly start Inhale, this breathing gymnastics is very simple, but if you keep doing it, you will lose your belly. You can also make your calves slimmer on the office chair, sit straight on 2/3 of the office chair, put a few books under your feet, put your toes on the books, then tiptoe, press your heels back and try your best Increase, exert force on the calf and abdomen, and repeat about 20 times to help you lose the fat on the calf. Or if you have a better way to exercise and lose weight, you can also send an inquiry and share it with me to exercise

office chair mesh back and seat

This mesh chair with footrest is very suitable, because the footstool is not a universal wheel, but a fixed arched foot. It is not easy to slide when doing sports at work. Come and take it away~

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