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What Are The Classifications And Uses Of Office Chairs?

October 29 , 2022

There are two broad classifications of office chairs.
1. In a narrow sense, the office chair refers to the backrest chair that people sit on when working on the desktop.
2. In a broad sense, all the chairs in the office are called office chairs, including: big executive chairs, executive chairs, small group chairs, staff chairs, training chairs, conference room chairs and so on.
(1) Executive Chair

Executive chairs are more common material is leather and environmental protection leather, a small number of executive chairs will use mesh or linen cloth. Class chairs are relatively large, breathable, not easy to age, not deformed, generally using solid wood armrests, solid wood feet, with tilting function. Suitable for management level areas.

executive office chairs factory


1. Seat back double layer compound special-shaped wood, 13 layers of pressing synthesis,

2. Science and Technology (Xipi).

3. The body of the chair is made of 50 density high rebound cotton,

4. Aluminum alloy structure of self-developed self-gravity chassis has been tested for 200,000 times. s

5. Three-stage 50#MM lifting air rod.

6.R360MM large aluminum alloy feet without rust, After 1360KG static pressure test 7.PU automobile wheels have been tested for more than 100,000 times, and are quiet and smooth

(2) Staff chair.

Staff chairs are used mesh material, staff chairs are the main population of ordinary staff, mainly corporate purchases, or school purchases, families can be purchased individually as a study chair.

mesh office chair


1.Black new PP material with fiber back frame,can recline to110-130°,;

2.PA mesh;                    

3.Black new material and fiber fixed  armrest;

4.45 High density pure cotton cushion, breathable mesh;

5. High quality gas lift;

6.R325mm PA base, static pressure 950KG;

7.50mm nylon silent BIFMA caster.

(3) training chair.

Training chair materials are mainly mesh and plastic, training chairs are mainly to facilitate a variety of office meetings or training chairs, including dictation chairs, news chairs, conference chairs, etc..

OEM training office chairs


1. Back: new PA fiber injection molded plastic frame;

2. Handrail: integrated with new PP fiber injection molding:

3. Seat: use PP fiber inner rubber board with PP fiber bottom shell. With the front and back sliding function, the sliding range is about 5cm. Paired with ant grain fabric.

4. Cotton: the use of more than 45 density without powder shaped sponge, more durable sitting

5. Bow frame: Adopt 1.8mm thick ø28mm tube sleeve 1.5mm electroplated tube (C30) bow frame.

(4) reception chairs.
Reception chairs are mainly used to receive outsiders with chairs, for outsiders to come to a strange environment after the surrounding everything is relatively unfamiliar, so the reception chairs are generally used in a casual style, giving people a relaxed state of the whole body.
That we buy office chairs, office chair comfort is very important, a good chair should be able to sit according to the state, can be a variety of adjustment, so as to achieve a more comfortable, functional and better chair, the price will be more expensive, but this will also be more practical.

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