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What are the most important points when choosing a office chair?

December 26 , 2022

We know that office workers usually spend more than 7 hours at office, 80% time are sitting. So, it will be important to choose a good ergonomic mesh chair. Not only it can relax our body, but also increased efficiency.

Below are 4 important points should we noticed when choosing an ergonomic chair.

Lumbar support:

The human body is supported by the spine, and the normal human spine presents an S-shape. The first feature of an ergonomic chair is that the curvature of the back of the chair matches the curvature of the spine. So office mesh chair with lumbar support can support our spine and relax our back,mesh chair with back support is necessary.

Head rest:

Most of the modern office workers suffer from spondylosis, the main reason is incorrect sitting posture. A mesh chair with a headrest can relieve this symptom very well, It can support the cervical spine and keep our cervical spine in a relaxed state, so that our shoulder and neck muscles are no longer so tense. At the same time, the headrest is also a locator, allowing us to always maintain a correct sitting posture


A good armrest can allow us to place our arms more comfortably when we are working, which will not cause us to form a bad habit of shrugging our shoulders.


Each of us is different in height, so the height that the chair needs to adapt to is also different. Therefore, adjustable will be a very important function. This enables one chair to suit people of different sizes

Here I post a mesh manager chair, should you interested in it, please contact for price checking.

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