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What material is generally used for leather office chairs

December 21 , 2022

When it comes to office chairs, everyone can think of various functional mesh chairs, or oversized old-fashioned boss chairs. And I brought something more refined, more beautiful, and better, dedicated to satisfying the needs of successful people. The comfortable and elegant design of the chair perfectly fits the contours of the human body, and the extraordinary craftsmanship ensures that it manufactures high-quality office chairs. The leather is optional. Luxury is not out of reach, let's enjoy the deluxe pu executive office chair below!

1. Material: PU leather; it has high strength, thin and elastic, soft and smooth, breathable and water-permeable, and waterproof. It still has good tensile strength and bending strength at low temperature, and has good light aging resistance and hydrolysis stability. The appearance and performance are close to natural leather, easy to wash and decontaminate, and easy to sew. The surface is smooth and tight, and can be treated and dyed in various varieties. The price is relatively cheap

2.  320mm diameter galvanized chair legs, 50mm diameter nylon wheels, custom wheels can also be made, generally quiet.

3. Galvanized armrests, PU leather finish; chairs made of galvanized stainless steel have a long service life, generally about several decades or even longer, due to the galvanized layer on the surface, not only anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance, but also anti-chlorination, Anti-fluoridation, anti-sulfurization, strong corrosion resistance; high impact resistance, the strength of stainless steel guardrail is 10 times that of plastic products, 1.7 times that of ordinary steel, solid and durable, and the installation cost is low, fast and convenient, the color of galvanized layer Bright, textured, good decoration effect.

4. Butterfly chassis with reclining function; this chassis is used for office chairs/gaming chairs, the chassis can adjust the seat up and down; the reclining strap is connected to the seat back, and the chair can be reclined; the chassis knob can control the reclining The size of the spring force at the time; this chassis has the function of making the entire seat slide back and forth.

Most of the black pu leather high back office chair are made of the materials I mentioned above. Because of the medium price, the materials used are relatively good. After reading this article, if you want to buy, please send us a message Bar!

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