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Customized Service

         Our enterprise customization service can provide customer-specific solutions to help enterprises meet the needs of specific fields, reduce waste of resources between enterprises and customers, provide professional technical support, and provide customized solutions, thereby improving the core competitiveness and operating capabilities of enterprises .

  The following is a customized section about office chairs:

Mute wheel customization

        With different shape & size mute wheel, we're able to match your various custom ized needs. It's silent, smoothly and durable when you move around.

Multifunctional armrest customization

According to the needs, the handrails can be adjusted up and down, the rearhandrails are adjusted, the handrails are rotated and the handrailmoves outward.

Provide you with professional solutions.

Provide you with professional solutions

Dozens of chair base chassis can be selected,and the chassis can be matchedwith different chairs according to different functions. Provide you with professional solutions.

Multiple models and style s of base

The same load-bearing,different styles, International Agency Certification. After more than 100000 pressure tests.

Office Chair Color customization

The colors can be matched according to the favorite colors of users in the region,and the colors can be customized according to the ideas of customers.

External box logo copywriting customization

The exclusive brand logo and other documents and images to be dis-played can be printed on the carton according to the demand.

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